My works are the jigsaw pieces and I'm trying to put them together to see the full picture of me.
You want to see their inner charm and the shedding light of a soul. You want to see it not with your eyes but with your heart.
Diana Larina is a contemporary artist who embarked on her professional artistic journey after years of working in interior design and icon workshops. In 2019 Larina found her own style, which gained a sufficient recognition today.

While working with watercolour, Diana primarily focuses on its form and volume, starting with the coloured cloud. Any further cloud is applied by hand, thus making the work multilayered. The process of creating coloured clouds is unpredictable in every single form. Larina's distinctive approach lies in expressive way of working with watercolours on big formats while using no brush.

Russia, Voronezh, Solnechnaya 7d / 146
Phone: +7 960 116 00 33 WhatsApp / Telegram